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Discover the proven framework on how to reach a wider audience, make a bigger impact, build multiple streams of income and have full control of your time? 

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If you are interested in scaling your coaching business using the one-to-many model versus one-to-one, The Impact Multiplier authored by Master Coach Anton Oliver is a must read. He shares his personal story on why a one-to-many approach to coaching is the path to truly scale your coaching business. His wit and humour, along with a direct and transparent delivery, reflects his vast experience and passion to serve his clients.

Rick Langley
Certified ICF Coach

"The Impact Multiplier"

"Making the transfer from one-to-one to one-to-many is like making the switch from a reliable old kettle to a cutting-edge coffee maker. While both can brew a decent cup of tea (or coffee), only one can do it quickly, efficiently, and to the satisfaction of the entire office."

From The Desk Of Anton Oliver.

Hi Anton Here,

Imagine yourself in this situation: You have just concluded a successful one-on-one coaching session. With a spring in their stride and eyes full of newly acquired knowledge, your client departs. 

Once more, you've transformed a life and propelled a business towards increased prosperity. However, when you glance at your schedule, it feels as heavy as a dreary British summer. Day in and day forth, one client after another, consecutively. It works, but is it long-lasting?

The harsh reality is that, despite its great rewards, the one-to-one coaching paradigm is not scalable. Like a rubber band, you can only extend so far. You must transition to a one-to-many strategy if you want to have a bigger influence and grow your company to new heights. This book serves as your guide.

Permit me to briefly describe my own journey. When I initially began coaching the norm, everything was great when you had a few one-on-one clients. Although the money was excellent, my life and my time belonged to my clients. Every hour was tracked, and even while I was assisting others, I was also exhausting myself.

Then, as if to give the narrative a little more dramatic flair, COVID-19 caused the world to shut down in March 2020. I did indeed lose all of my income over night. Poof! My company disappeared overnight, leaving me to question how I could rebuild in a way that would be both scalable and sustainable. I needed to find a method, or give up—believe me, I'm not a “quitter”—finding a way was my only choice.

The result of that quest is this book. It's the structure I created to transition from a one-to-one model to a one-to-many system. I'm here to share it with you how this model gave me my life back.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling journey. Let's enjoy every second of it, reach out to more people, and make a greater impact. Together, let's take on this path, and may your coaching business flourish beyond your wildest expectations.  To your success, cheers!

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